Graphic Design (web + print)

With over 10 years of graphic design and branding experience in the fields of publishing, music, healthcare, and recruiting, I offer a wide range of styles, from edgy to corporate. I’m of the less is more mentality — clean design all the way.

Custom Music

Sure, you can buy stock music. But it’s not the same as having music produced specifically for your video. The right music can and should be part of your brand. It can take your online videos to the next level.


Portraits. Real Estate. Landscape. Astrophotography. I do it all. I’m always looking for a new angle, and I’ll hike just about anywhere, anytime to get it. If you’re looking for a daring, new take on your brand, check out my services.

Copywriting/Content Strategy

As a multi-published, award-winning author with extensive copywriting and content strategy experience, I can help you find the right voice for your company and your audience. Great content along with engaging videos will help your audience feel a connection to your brand—whether you’re offering products or services. And these days? Connection is everything.


With a B.A. in Film and Digital Media and over ten years of videography and video editing experience, I’ve found my passion in telling a company’s story through online videos. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to add video to your marketing campaign, check out what I offer.