Project Description

While at Central Recovery, I managed and was involved in the rebranding of Central Recovery (parent company), Las Vegas Recovery Center, and Recovery Properties, including designing all new marketing materials, developing new, responsive websites, and developing new content strategies and social media campaigns. I also redesigned the Central Recovery Press website and created new banner graphics.

The Challenge

Modernize and make brands more relatable to their target audiences. Increase engagement on social media pages and website. Increase the number of admits to LVRC’s program.

Project Details

Client: Central Recovery
Skills: Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Strategy, Video Production, Digital Marketing
View: centralrecovery.com, lasvegasrecovery.com, centralrecoverypress.com, recoveryproperties.com 


Magazine Ad for Las Vegas Recovery Center

Goal: To present LVRC as a safe, comforting, and enjoyable place to begin your recovery journey.

Strategy: Using LVRC’s new branding colors (lime green and orange), which are light and uplifting, I wanted to feature the smiling faces clients would see during their stay. Therefore, I used an image I took of three LVRC counselors, which really captured their warmth and spirit. A tagline, that suits the LVRC experience, is highlighted below in lively colors, to help potential clients feel optimistic about their future and recovery. The LVRC logo, tagline, and list of services are clearly laid out and defined, along with the benefits of going there for treatment.

Day in the Life Video for LVRC

Goal: To present LVRC as a safe, comforting, and enjoyable place to begin your recovery journey.

Strategy: This was the first video in the video marketing campaign I designed for LVRC. I wanted to inspire and encourage clients to check out the center by showing them what a typical day would look like. Shots include clients getting outdoors, being taught helpful information, and laughing together as a group. I wrote a script and did a voice-over that would help give them a sense of calm – but also help them feel empowered. In addition, I wrote a song on piano to specifically add to the feeling of being uplifted and empowered.

Result: 1190% increase in video plays from their previous Welcome video.

The Rebranding of Central Recovery

Goal: To modernize Central Recovery’s brand and grow their presence on the web.

Strategy: I developed the first style guide for Central Recovery, brightening and modernizing their color scheme. In addition to their original dark brown and white, I added in a light green and a medium blue to help their brand feel more friendly and approachable, which is needed in the addiction treatment and behavioral health fields. I redesigned their old, static website, making it responsive, and implemented the new color scheme. I also managed their Facebook account.

Result: A brighter, more modern brand and website that reflects the direction of the business and highlights their subsidiaries, Las Vegas Recovery Center and Central Recovery Press.

Re-developing Websites

Goal: To redesign the CR, LVRC (and all sub websites), CRP, RP, and CA into responsive sites that will increase brand visibility and awareness. Strategy: With each company’s target audience in mind, I developed a plan for and designed the following websites, while including upper management’s direction and preferences: Central Recovery, Central Recovery Press, Recovery Properties, and Clinical Associates. In addition, re-designed landing pages with custom icons for Las Vegas Recovery Center to improve conversion rates.  

Engaging LVRC's Audience On Social Media

Goal: To increase engagement on LVRC’s social media channels

Strategy: I developed and oversaw a comprehensive editorial calendar that included custom designed graphics, such as infographics and picture quotes from actual staff members. I wanted LVRC to create content only they could create and show LVRC as a group of individuals here to help others in their journey to recovery. Some of my successful campaigns included producing videos featuring tips from expert staff members, such as Dr. Bakir’s 3 Tips On How to Prevent Chronic Pain, Trivia Tuesday, images of staff members with their words of wisdom about recovery, and infographics with health and fitness tips.

Result: A significant increase in social media engagement and improved website conversion rates.

Improved Marketing Material

Goal: To improve and modernize the marketing material for CR, LVRC, RP, and CA and increase visibility.

Strategy: I redesigned LVRC’s 12-page brochure to reflect their lively new branding colors and capture the personalities of the caring staff (pictured). I also redesigned brochures for all of their levels of care and even created and produced videos for each level of care. My involvement included all design and most of the photography (exterior + interior photos as well as portraits). Check out the gallery below for more examples!


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