Project Description

DDN Storage was looking for someone to improve branding consistency, increase visibility, and bring their video production in-house.

The Challenge

Improve videos, improve branding and consistency of branding, and increase the efficiency of the creative team.

Project Details

Client: DDN Storage
Skills: Branding, Web Design, Graphic Design, Content Strategy, Video Production, Digital Marketing
View: ddn.com


The Future of HPC

Goal: To highlight the strengths of DDN, which include how their products are changing lives, the highly talented workforce, the diversity, and the fun experience offered to employees.

Strategy: I thought about the story I wanted to tell–a story of DDN’s diverse employees and the benefits of working at DDN–and directed the videographer to capture the setting and feel I was going for. I then edited each employee interview to tell a cohesive story about what they do at DDN, how DDN is powering the future of HPC, and why they work there. I added in some retro/video-game style titling and wrote and produced an 80’s synth pop song. I also included motion graphics for visual interest.

Result: 159% Increase in video shares, 41% increase in subscribers, and 30% increase in video views

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