As a multi-published, award-winning author with extensive copywriting and content strategy experience, I can help you find the right voice for your company and your audience. Great content along with engaging videos will help your audience feel a connection to your brand—whether you’re offering products or services. And these days? Connection is everything. I can take a look at your current content strategy or help you start from scratch.

Social Media Management

I’ve created successful social media campaigns for a wide variety of companies, which has resulted in increased engagement and improved KPIs. I’m a highly analytical, “out of the box” thinker. Yes, that’s a contradiction, and yes, it’s also true. After creating editorial calendars for multiple businesses, I’ve gained a good understanding of what audiences engage with and why. Videos help, but they have to tell an engaging story and also be created specifically for that target audience and their unique habits.

Blog Management

I have over ten years of experience writing blog articles, and I’ve definitely learned a few things over the last decade. 1. Words on a screen alone just won’t cut it. 2. Voice is king. Even if you’re discussing the components of a vacuum cleaner, you’ve got to do it with feeling. 3. Visuals aren’t an option – they are a necessity. 4. Vary it up. Cover a variety of topics (funny, informational, and emotional) – but also make sure they fit into your overall SEO plan.


I write and edit copy for the following:

Websites, ads, marketing materials, bios, blogs, resumes, cover letters, and pretty much anything that requires an engaging voice and a love for brevity.