Design Services

From logos to websites, I offer a wide range of design services for print and web projects.

Branding & Identity

Starting up or starting over can be daunting, especially when you’re a small business or an individual with limited resources. After all, branding can make or break you, and consistency is key in building brand recognition. A successful branding strategy requires in-depth research and analysis of your strengths and how you differ from your competitors. I have experience helping individuals and small to medium-sized businesses create or re-vamp their brand, and I can help you.

Social Media

Social media is a necessary part of any successful marketing campaign, and it all starts by creating pages and content that represent your brand and voice. Sure, there are websites you can use to create social media graphics (without design knowledge), and sometimes that’s perfectly fine. But to use content that isn’t your own, you typically either have to pay for licensing or there’s a limit on how many times you can use the content. Also, since the content is available to anyone, chances are what you’re posting isn’t unique. And who doesn’t want to be a special snowflake? That’s why it’s a great idea to create custom graphics for your most important posts, such as an infographic.

Web & UX/UI

With over a decade of experience designing sites on WordPress, I am happy to help you design your site or help you with a redesign. 

Print Projects

With years of pre press design experience under my belt for a variety of businesses and clients, I’ve worked on just about any print project you can think up . Whether you’re an indie author looking for a gritty book cover or a medical company looking for a polished brochure, I’ve got you covered. 

Note: I do not provide printing services. You will need to arrange to have your project printed with a vendor. Let me know your printer’s specs, and I’ll set-up the project accordingly.